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Shanghai Yu Wei 2012 Spring Festival party

Time:2017-04-17 Author:Shanghai Yuwei Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Yuwei Electronic Tech Co., Ltd. 2012 Spring Festival Evening party at the evening of January 13 at the Shanghai Hang Lung Restaurant, first by the host announced the beginning of the annual meeting, and then the general manager of the opening speech, Tang introduced the company in 2011 Overall results, affirmed the company's efforts and sweat of all staff, and look forward to the 2012 expectations of the company and the blessing.

Tang's speech ended, that is, our outstanding staff came to accept the award. And were by the Tang, Zhuang, vice president, general vice president of the award to the outstanding staff. And then the representative of the outstanding staff PLC workshop leader Xu Qin speech. The banquet continued in the lively atmosphere, many employees are active on stage, talent show, and finally Tang and our workshop representatives chorus of a obo meet. Then, also carried out the sweepstakes and the game links, in the draw process, the staff was very excited, did not get too excited. The game link we all enthusiastically involved, really bustling. Finally, in everyone thunderous applause, the host announced the successful conclusion of the Spring Festival party.


Tang and excellent staff photo

Toast, blessing tomorrow better

Chorus a song


Happy to participate in the game

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